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You have been craving seafood all day long, but you do not want to go to some ordinary seafood restaurant. Everything is tasteless and boring, but all of the fancy restaurants are overpriced. Get the best of both worlds by stopping by Worrell’s Seafood.

The excellent seafood restaurant at Worrell’s Seafood is by far the best in Wilson, NC. What sets us apart from the competition is that we have our own in-house seafood market so you get the widest variety and highest quality seafood possible. Some of our low-priced seafood options include:

● Appetizers—Fried chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, and fish nuggets are available to start off your dining experience.

● Dinner Entrees—Whiting or trout dinner, flounder, tilapia, catfish, oyster, shrimp, and clam strips are served daily.

● Sandwiches—We serve fish (bone in), shrimp burgers, oyster burgers, and chicken sandwiches as part of our sandwich menu.

● Desserts—Freshly baked carrot, chocolate, red velvet, pistachio, raspberry chocolate, coconut, and cheesecake are always available to order.

● Beverages—We carry top-rate beers and wine in addition to your regular set of drinks.

● And More—There are various daily specials to choose from.

When you choose Worrell’s Seafood, you know that you are getting a great meal and a fun time. Along with a unique and tasty seafood meal, you also get to bask in the wonderful history of Worrell’s Seafood. Our 94 year history in Wilson, NC shines through when you sit down at our seafood restaurant. The rustic decorations and warm atmosphere will make you feel like you are right at home.

Whatever seafood you are craving, Worrell’s Seafood is the place to eat. Our seafood restaurant offers the best variety to guarantee your satisfaction. Other seafood spots do not offer the amazing freshness and quality that we do.

Grab a table and see why we have been setting the bar for seafood restaurants.

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