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Today, it seems as if every seafood restaurant has teamed up to create the same exact menu. Every seafood restaurant has the same boring fish, lobster, crab, and other entrees that you have been eating forever. If everybody offers the exact same food, where do you go for something new?

The exotic foods at Worrell’s Seafood is your way out of the “seafood rut.” We offer exotic and interesting meal options to liven up your lunch or dinner. Some of our most popular exotic foods options include:

● Frog Legs—The fried frog legs sandwich is one of our most popular sandwich choices.
● Calamari—Our fresh calamari is served fried and as one of our appetizers
● Mahi-Mahi—Tuna and salmon accompany our mahi-mahi as part of Lara’s grilled specialties.

Our staff and chefs have worked incredibly hard to provide you with fresh, exotic, and delicious food options in addition to the more typical seafood we offer. You do not have to spend the equivalent of your utilities bill to get this wonderful seafood. The exotic foods at Worrell’s Seafood are served at the same low price as our other eating options. If you are not completely set on eating calamari yet, you can still order it with our more typical seafood.

Worrell’s Seafood is one of the few locations in Wilson, NC to serve interesting and exotic foods. Other restaurants might serve similar food to us, but our in-house seafood market allows us to serve you the freshest seafood around. We are your one stop shop for all of the seafood you might be craving.

Everyone comes to Worrell’s Seafood for the most delicious and exotic seafood around. Our excellent exotic food menu has been satisfying Wilson, NC since 1920, and we cannot wait for you to stop by.

Next time you are craving something intriguing and exciting, give us a call and we will find the perfect exotic fish for you

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