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To most people a gigantic, scaly alligator does not seem like a delicious meal option. Sometimes your taste buds want to venture out into the uncharted food territory beyond our exotic foods options. You do not have to travel far, since Worrell’s Seafood has exactly what you want.

At Worrell’s Seafood, we also offer alligator meat as one of our most fascinating foods. Our alligator food gives you the delicious, fresh, and new taste that you have been looking for. The alligator meat is prepared in a variety of ways, so there is something for everyone. Try them all if you are feeling extra adventurous!

We will admit that some of you might not be completely sold on alligator food just yet. You do not have to be wary of trying alligator meat, since we still provide plenty of other seafood options to go with it. Instead of trying alligator food on its own, you might want to pair it with a tasty chicken sandwich or our fried calamari. There are hundreds of different combinations for you to try.

No other restaurant in Wilson, NC offers alligator food the same way we do. We at Worrell’s Seafood prepare and cook our alligator meat in the most unique and tasty way possible. By itself or with our dozens of other menu items, our alligator food is the distinct item you have been wanting to try.

Make sure to try our spectacular alligator food next time you come to Worrell’s Seafood. We guarantee that it will be just as fresh and delectable as our other menu items. There is no need to hesitate when choosing an unusual food to order. Do not miss out on enjoying such a wonderful fare.

Rush on over to Worrell’s Seafood to give our alligator meat at a try today.

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